6 Tips For Writing an Effective Resume for Dubai Jobs

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It does not matter if you have read graduate or you are an experienced professional when you are looking for a job your resume mine is first thing the recruiter is gonna see so if you want to get invited for an interview, you need to make your resume stand out even if you have a great experience but you don't know how to create an effective resume you will not get the call back from the recruiter so if you want to impress recruiter and build the resume that you will get noticed you should follow these steps.

1 Your Resume is a Marketing Tool:

so, it's not enough just to list your education and accomplishment you to think strategically and consider your resume as a tool for marketing your individual brand your resume should be as clear concise as a possible show what you achieved list all your quantifiable results numbers, and what the value you can bring to their future employer when the recruiter is looking at your resume it should take for those not more than one minute to understand everything about your personality

2  Tailor your Resume for Each Job:

One of the biggest mistake most of you make it that you create only one resume, and you start sending it to all jobs opening you see instead of tailoring your resume to each job! I knew it takes time to customize your resume for every job application but believe me you don't get much better results, so I advise you read the Job Description for each job openings found those keywords and add them to your resume many companies in Dubai use ATS(Application Tracking System) Which basically takes all resume spits them out, and rank the application based on the presence of the keywords in their resume so its some which are very important when you are targeting really large organizations in Dubai.

3 The design of your resume

Try to stick to the simple and elegant design your resume should look clean easy to read remember you have only one mint to impress your recruiter so if you see you look very overcrowded it has too many graphic elements it will be quite difficult for the recruiter to read it tries to have no more than 2 pages, Aerial and Caliber fonts in 10-12 POINT SIZES, use bullet points measurable achievements, header of each section should be bold in 12 point size.

4 Experience Summary Section:

Each resume has the contact details on the top then headline below the headline, there is experience summary section. This section consists of two columns These two columns are skill sets the transferable skills that you want to market about yourself to read the job description and try to identify four to six skills that are desired for the role you should remember that these are measurable skills you should be able to quantify your experience don't write something like a highly productive team player highly organized these are soft skills, and they should not be listed in this, the section you should write something like a digital marketing product management marketing strategies these are measurable skills.

5  Highlight Accomplishments Rather than


When you build your resume you will provide a few bullet points under each job title but do not describe your responsibilities better focus on your experiments if you write there you responsibilities its look like you just took the information from the job description, and it Won't impress the recruiter you should write your achievements quantifiable results you need to show some numbers and only Then, the recruiter will see that you can bring some value to their company and the last advice for today don't forget about.

6 LinkedIn:

Recruiter, like to check the social media accounts of their potential candidates and LINKEDIN, is one of the most powerful platforms for job seeker and recruiter today recruiter can approach you on LinkedIn and offer you a job so make sure that you have the update profile, and it's consistent your resume.


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