How to Check Offer Letter is Genuine in Uae

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We all know that Dubai is an attractive place for international job seekers because, it's offers tax-free salary competitive packages and Dubai is located between Asia and Europe so, it's a great place to live and travel around the world but at the same time there awesome fake job offers on the market. You should be aware of and especially when you're desperately looking for a job it's so easy to get into these camps.

So today in this article, I will let you know how to identify job scams just imagine the situation you got a job offer with your dream salary with lots of benefits and the employer wants you to join immediately but in order to have an interview. You need to pay a huge non-refundable amount of money in the initial stage of the hiring process, So just think about it why the employer will ask you to pay money to get a job for you now let's go through some particular situations

For example: When job has been created for you imagine you received an email saying that you are a perfect match for a job but you never applied for that job and they want you to sign the contract as soon as possible, I think it's very clear that it's a scam and you should definitely avoid it

Next situation when you received a great job offer with you dream salary competitive benefits but you even didn't have any face to face the interview they don't require any minimum qualification of work experience it doesn't seem real at all so, you should ignore this offers here are another example.

when the salary offered for the advertised job is too higher than what is offered in the Indus and there are no special or extra requirements in the job description most probably it's a scam and I don't advise you to apply for such kind of jobs.

I think some of you have faced the situation when you were asked pay money to the recruiter to get a job for you in the form of a processing fee or registration fee, and they asked you to transfer money urgently in their personal account any such recruiter should be red flag for you never transfer money in a personal account so guys when you are not sure if this is a scam or not.

Let me tell you how you can prevent fake job offers to avoid sending your CV to authentic recruiters on the email you may receive several emails per day that advertise jobs even if you haven't registered to such websites. When you see emails that don't involve any financial transactions you feel harmless to share your CV with a third party, but the truth is that when you share your CV with a fake recruiter you share your contact information with them, and they use it to build the database for their fake activities when you looking for a job you should do some research on the market and look for reliable sources only most of the employers prefer to list their job openings on their own website always are put online job portal or a recruitment agency. If you receive a job invitation from an unknown company will highly recommend you to do some research and it's straightforward to do it just need to Google their name and see if they have any website try to find their contact details and call them directly and not a very important point is to check the email ID of the sender if they have personal email ID for example or not a corporate domain most probably it's scam as I said earlier there are some fake recruitment agencies that ask you to pay money in exchange for a job guys you should never do that because of the recruitment agency never takes money from the candidate from the job seeker they take money only from the company for business hiring the candidate if the company is asking you to pay money and most probably it's a scam, or they will try to earn money from both parties but honestly, I think it's illegal so guys I know how you feel I know how some of you want to move to Dubai and get a job here but stay safe follow my tips don't lose your money and I will see you.

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