How to Check Overstay Fine in Uae

How to Check Overstay Fine in Uae


Overstay fine in Dubai is a big headache for people but today we provide a complete guide on how to check to overstay fine And how to reduced overstay fine in Dubai UAE.

We know fine checking in Dubai Govt website is complicated, so today we will provide a point-to-point complete guide related to overstay fine..

UAE is a place where thousands of visitor come daily basis but due to many visitors stuck in Dubai UAE 

In some news said all overstay fines were reduced but in reality govt. reduced a fine with some terms and condition.

So today we discussed how to check how to check uae visa fine

Steps of checking over stay fine in UAE


Click on Public Services

Select option (OTHER SERVICES - Individuals - Paying the departure fees - Through the Land-ports & Sea-ports)

After that follow these step

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