Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Iftar

sheikh zayed mosque iftar

If you want an Iftar in Abu-Dhabi then Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the best place for Iftar meal is situated in Abu-Dhabi. This Masjid attracts more than 5.5million visitors every year.  Thousands of Muslims and Non-Muslims communities visited a Sheikh Zayed  Mosque During Ramadan to enjoy and experience the Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi.

During the month of Ramadan throughout  30,000 people, every day eating an Iftar feeds in Zayed Mosque.

Grand Mosque Iftar Packet:

abu dhabi masjid inside the kitchen

A packet of biryani, a packet of Salona which is vegetable stew dates, apple vitamin juice, salad, water, and juice.
Almost 350 chefs, 160 stewards and more than 450 supporting staff put it all efforts to get it ready Iftar Meal.

The kitchen of Zayed Mosque:

sheikh zayed grand mosque kitchen

In Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque tour the musjid Officers Club kitchen is a place, which prepares the biggest Iftar meal in UAE. This is literally a food factory that cleaning, cutting, marinades, cupping, and breaks.

largest Iftar in uae

Estimated seven thousand kilos of Rice, seven thousand kilos of vegetable, ten thousand kilos of chicken and six thousand kilos Lambs meals cooked on a daily based in this kitchen in Ramzan month. In vegetable section 8 men cutting 10,000kilo vegetable every day.
Steaming part of Solana will serve Iftar Meal to thousand people daily, nearly 7,000 kilos of rice is cooked daily.

The marinated section where marinated chickens are kept and from here this chicken will directly go into the oven.
Packing section where people packed all Meal in one box and serve to the people.
A beautiful thing of Sheikh Zayed Mosque during Iftar peoples are different nationalities and religious background break they're fast together.

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