5 things to do in Dubai during Ramadan

activities in dubai during ramdan

1: Iftar During Ramdan:

Iftar is a meal, Where Muslims gather with friend and family and book Iftar dinner at one of the Dubai hotels during Ramadan. Its great opportunity for you to try Arabic food and also learn some new culture about.Muslims people if you want to have a truly unique experience and cultural understanding then visit Sheikh Mohammed center its a great place for the visitor of UAE.

2: Travel and explore:

If you have not visited all of the amulets of Dubai. Then Ramadan month it's a great time to do it because almost all hotels across the UAE  gave great discounts during the month of  Ramadan. This year temperature is not bad. If you want some enjoy during Ramadan so, I suggest you go to Snoopy Island is located on Fujairah with the colorful fish and sea turtles.

3  Xline Dubai Marina:

"Dubai Marina" is another beautiful place for the tourist during Ramadan. Because Dubai Marina launching the night rights during the Ramadan for the fun that will be a limited time experience, So hurry up and book the ticket. Last time the ticket price is 850 Aed.

4 Fasting:

Try  Fasting. I suggested you Fast at least one day. So you can see, What your Muslim friends how it feels during the Fast.

Fasting has a lot of benefits. It improves your blood fat levels. it helps you to overcome your addictions. if you
maintain your eating habits, You can lose some weight through Fasting. but if you start eating
a lot of foods after sunset, At night especially
sweets it's not good for your health.

5 Indoor Activities in Dubai :

There are several new destinations that offer fun activities for child and adults during Ramadan. One of them is Jumble, it's an urban maze where you can take on a series of physical and mental challenges. Last time we tried it with our friend and we enjoyed a lot of fun.
The following activities we can do here:

VR Park (Dubai Mall):

I think you all know what virtual reality means so there you can have 18 different experiences from the dune bash and the desert with the game of spiders to a bull strobe so check it out

if you feel a bit stressed out you can de-stress and Tobias first smash through it's a unique therapy session so it's the room filled with old TVs furniture and laptops and you can smash everything around so guys as you see there are still, so many things to do during

Ramadan in Dubai

so go out explore the city

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